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Thursday, December 18, 2008

ChaLean Extreme Review, Burn Circuit 2

This morning, I got up and just decided to really bring it!  I decided I was going to do a little resistance work.  My morning routine is really starting to grow on me.  I also have some concerns about lifting in the morning when I am half tired.  I don't want to injury myself with bad form.  but, I decided to just do it!

I have to say, if you are going to do a resistance workout early in the morning and you hate getting out of bed as much as me, then ChaLEAN Extreme seems to be the way to go!  Today I did Burn Circuit 2.  The whole thing was less then 45 minutes!  You have to love that, get up, warm up, get it done, cool down and your day is off on the right track and you can check off the workout for the day!  So, time is a good thing.

What I like in this workout.

I think this workout was not much different then Burn Circuit 1 in the fact that all the moves you do are slow with heavy weights.  Your goal is to go to failure at repetition 12.  Failure is when you feel you just can not do another rep!  You have used every ounce of energy on the move and rep 12 is so hard you can almost not do it!  So, going with that reasoning, you need to go heavy on weights for some of the moves.  Again, I think there were definitely moves I should have gone heavier.

I also think today's workout was similar to Burn 1 in the fact that every move you do seems to be a combination move and you really are doing 2 things in one move.  Like working those legs with the arms.  So, that's a great way to pick up the speed and get it done quickly!

Now, the difference.  I believe today's workout was much more arm related.  I did a lot more triceps, bicep work in this workout.  I also like it because for some reason I had a lot less changing the weights.  It seemed like there were a lot of moves that used the same weight, so was not fiddling around to find the right weight.  But, maybe that was a fluke.  And, as I noted before, I know I need to go heavier on some of the moves,....  

I do like the "extreme" moves.  This is where you do something really in a much harder way for 3 reps.  In Burn 2 you do bicep curls where Chalene tells you to focus on the bi's while doing the move, to really keep them flexed.  Its funny, that reminder makes it much harder!  By rep 3 my arms were screaming.

What I seemed to miss in the first 3 days.  (Day 1 is Burn Circuit 1, day 2 is a rest day, day 3 is Burn Circuit 2).  I missed ab work.  I may have to read more of the manual to see if we are supposed to be adding in more ab work.  I think in Burn 1 I noticed a lot more ab use in the moves.  Day 2 was a rest day that seemed to be weird that it came right after I started.  Granted, I was sore from day 1, but not sore enough to want to take a day off!  Day 3 was mainly arms, some legs, but seemed to want to do the abs!  I know tomorrow is interval and abs, so maybe I shouldn't be complaining just yet!  

Again, totally not as dancy as Turbo Jam.  You are there to burn it baby!  Still have great music!  Still get to see many options and modifications.  You saw all options for resistance work: using Bowflex, using various free weights, and just the bands.   You saw some who pushed it and some more beginner level.

I still really like the workout.  I think its a great addition to my workout program.  I also love that this program is 3 months plus it has a daily maintenance program to follow after you get your extreme results and are ready just to maintain them!

See my questions and answer posts for additional information on ChaLean Extreme.  Also, stay tuned for my comparison of P90X to ChaLean Extreme.

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