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Thursday, December 18, 2008

ChaLean Extreme Questions, Part 2

My girl Tara has been keeping me on my toes asking me about ChaLean Extreme.  Here is her question to my answers yesterday.

Question 1
I guess I hadn't realized that you could also use the resistance bands instead of weights, especially if you get the deluxe package that comes with the 3 bands! Do you know which bands are included? I think it looked like the green, magenta (20 lbs??), and red (30 lbs???) ones... The green one looked light green and I know there's also a darker green one that's 40 lbs?? So I couldn't figure out what the weight of the light green one was.  If I can be successful using the bands and the weights that I've got at this point, then I guess I know what my Christmas present to myself is gonna be! Any more info on the bands would be appreciated! ~Tara~

Tara, just for you I took the question directly to Beachbody.  Here is their response.  
My question to Beachbody:  Chalean Extreme Deluxe comes with 3 resistance bands. Can you verify the colors and the approximate resistance they offer- for example red may be about 20 lbs?
The program comes with the Red (40 lbs), Magenta (25 lbs) , & Teal (10 lbs) band variable resistance.

Clarification to yesterday's question 

So, I have done workout number 2 and realized that ChaLEAN Extreme is just that.  It's about going to the extreme!  Its about going to the max.  In Burn Circuit 2, Chalene says "Go heavy or go home!".  What she is say, this program is all about challenging yourself and pushing yourself to your limits!  I say, if you can not afford a huge set of weights at this time, invest in the bands!  You want to challenge yourself and really push yourself in this workout to get the extreme results!

Next, its amazing what you learn when you read the books!  Ok, so yes, you should always read the books before jumping into a program.  That said, yes I was bad!   The book actually gives weight recommendations.  I'm going to summarize phase 1 (the Burn Phase) here.

They recommend the following weight range.  Your goal is to hit failure between 10 and 12 reps.  The heavier range is for lower body work.  If you keep going after 12 reps, you need heavier weight.

Female Male
Beginner 5-12 lbs 12-25 lbs
Intermediate 12-20 lbs 20-30 lbs
Advanced 15-25 lbs 25-40 lbs

The Push Phase (Phase 2) the only difference, you should be reaching failure between 6 and 8 reps.  If you are going past 8, its to light.

The Lean Phase (Phase 3) is back to the 10-12 reps before hitting failure.

So, I hope this helps answer some of your questions on what weights do I need for ChaLean Extreme, and I still believe the bands are an excellent source to increase resistance without spending a ton of money!  I have the magenta band, and that alone probably is plenty of resistance for a long time for me!  

Please email me your questions, I love to help!  I want to help get the right program for you.  Stay tuned for my comparison of the X to Chalean Extreme.

Email:  HeatherB@BeachbodyCoach.com

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