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A little about me. In my normal life, I am a civil engineer who sits behind a desk everyday. I got married to my wonderful husband in 2006. Since meeting him and our many days of eating out and less working out, my weight started to creep up. In August 2007 my girlfriend wanted to get back in shape after her pregnancy. She talked me into running weekly with her. I agreed, and this began my plan to get my body back in shape. I wanted to add some additional workouts to my run, so I pulled out my old Slim in 6 videos. At the same time, I re-found the online message boards at Beachbody where I meet a lot of great people who kept me committed to my fitness goals. I also found a great coach who was there everyday to help me stay on track! Today, I'm still working to sculpt my body and get it into the best shape ever. As I have progressed through my body's transition, I decided to become an Independent Beachbody Coach to help others reach their fitness goals! I realized it was easier then I thought, and I really believe others can change their lives too!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The True Costs of Shakeology

I love my Shakeology! I drink at least 1 shake a day. I'm actually getting in the habit of having a second as my afternoon snack at work to help get me through those long dreaded hours after lunch until I can go home!

As I am entering my second week of Insanity, I can see to really get the muscle tone I need to have more protein! Yes, protein has to be in every meal and snack of my day, no excuses! I have been taking my Shakeology and adding a scoop of Beachbody Whey Protein to it. Not only does it help me get my energy from all the benefits of the Shakeology, I am also getting the benefits of a protein shake all at once!

You already know that to really have fun with Shakeology, you need to mix it up! We have been compiling a receipt ebookof just a few of our favorite ways to mix it up! So between the Shake itself, the whey protein, and the fruit you may add, I know you will not get hungry! Therefore, this quick drink can help you lose those extra pounds you want.

I have been told so many times, "Heather, it sounds so good, but it is so expensive." I say, really? It retails for around $120 which is $4 a glass. If you join as a coach or what I call our preferred customer plan, you can get it for 25% off or around $90. Remember, that is for a 30 day supply, so that is $3 a glass! What are you eating for breakfast that is so healthy for you and only costs $3! I know if you are going to Starbucks for your latte, you are probably paying more and it is only going to add on the pounds, not help you lose them! To also tell you more about what goes into Shakeology and if you tried to repeat that on your own, I want to share this. It was written by a friend who did try to recreate it on his own.

The TRUE value of Shakeology (in dollars)! By Larry Armstead

I hear so often that Shakeology is too expensive to try and that, for much cheaper, one could make their own just-as-effective Shakeology blend. So, I put that to the test. I went to a few of my favorite vitamin sites and looked up retail prices on what one would have to spend. I even did a little extra digging and went around to find coupon codes to get discounts and deals on what I found.

I came as close to duplicating Shakeology as I could. There are still a few ingredients missing that are in Shakeology that are not found in anything I list below.

To make your own home-made Shakeology, you'd need...

Multivitamin: MegaFood DailyFoods One Daily
Serving Size: One pill.
Meal Replacement? No.
Free Gifts? No.
Retail: $94.95
With Coupon/Coupon Code/Preferred Customer Discount: $48.66
Sales Tax (with Discount): $52.06

Fruits & Vegetables Blend: NSI 42 Fruits & Vegetables
Serving Size: Two pills
Meal Replacement? No.
Free Gifts? No.
Retail: $30.95
With Coupon/Coupon Code/Preferred Customer Discount: $14.99
Sales Tax (with Discount): $16.04

Probiotics: NSI Probiotic Vegetarian Capsules
Serving Size: Two pills
Meal Replacement? No.
Free Gifts? No.
Retail: $69.99
With Coupon/Coupon Code/Preferred Customer Discount: $27.77
Sales Tax (with Discount): $29.72

Protein: Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein Double Rich Chocolate
Serving Size: Two pills
Meal Replacement? No.
Free Gifts? No.
Retail: $74.99
With Coupon/Coupon Code/Preferred Customer Discount: $41.12
Sales Tax (with Discount): $44.00

Retail Order Total: $270.88
Discounted Total: $141.82
Discounted Total with Shipping: $146.81
Daily Pill Amount: 5
Autoship Available? Yes
Autoship with Free Shipping? No

Point: save yourself the pill counting, the multiple orders, missed ingredients, and get all of those things plus more as well as the meal replacement benefit all in one simple daily glass of Shakeology for...

Product: Shakeology
Serving Size: One scoop
Meal Replacement? Yes
Free Gifts? Yes--Shaker Cup & 2 Workout DVDs
Retail: $119.95
With Club Membership: $107.96
With Coach Discount: $89.97
Autoship Available? Yes
Autoship with Free Shipping? Yes

Sales Tax & Shipping...
Retail: $136.15
Retail with Free Shipping: $128.95
Club Membership: $123.25
Club Membership with Free Shipping: $116.05
Coach Discount: $103.96
Coach Discount with Free Shipping: $96.76
Plus, a chance to win up to $5,000 just for trying the product! (ends March 31st)

Get on Home Direct (no obligation) and get your 2 FREE Workouts, FREE Shipping and a FREE SHAKER CUP..

Go towww.HeatherBuchman.com to learn more about or to get your Shakeology! Want to get it for 25% off, please email me at HeatherB@BeachbodyCoach.com and let's talk. Or visit mywebsite and go to "Coach" tab to join. Once you join, you will start receiving the discount on your first order.


Anonymous said...

Nice tits but the rest is just broscience

Mario Wilson said...

I have to admit that I was a skeptic at first with the cost of Shakeology. I just didn't understand the value. That is, until I read the ingredients and understood what probiotics do and antioxidants. You can't make that kind of shake consistently for $4 a shake. I am addicted to the stuff! Great value on your post Heather.

Anonymous said...

You know, it sounds amazing at first. Saving 25% on Shakeology if you become a coach, but you still have to pay 40 dollars to start of as a coash. You end up paying even more that way.

The other thing is, yes you are right. It is healthier then going to Starbucks or wasting 5 bucks on a burger, but its not like you are going out for fast food every single day. Tell me, is Shakeology the only thing you take for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Shakeology is way too expensive, that is just a fact. Its just the beach body coaches that try to sell it to people like you need it in order to get results. Stick to eating healty and you will be fine.

Jennifer Sidler said...
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